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If you expect your POS to do more than simply run transaction, you should give Vend POS a try.

Vend in 100 Words or Less…

Vend is one of the most prominent fully cloud-based retail POS systems meaning you can run it from directly from a browser using any operating system (you can also run the POS from the Vend app). Vend is made for retail stores and offers great functionality for multi-location operations or chains. The software is clean and easy to use and offers a slightly more robust feature set than entry level iPad POS solutions. The software supports tons of third-party apps that increase its overall functionality.

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What Types of Businesses Use Vend

  • Specialty Retail and Boutiques
  • Multi-location Retailers
  • Retailers with a Warehouse
  • Home Improvement Stores
  • Pet Stores
  • Mobile Businesses
  • Clothing and Apparel Stores
  • Vape Shops
  • Sporting Good Stores

Vend Pricing

  • Pricing includes an upfront hardware purchase and then ongoing software and service fees depending on the software version
  • Initial hardware purchase can range from $1,200 to $2,000 per register if you include the iPad
  • Advertised pricing does not include the iPad, the scanner, or the credit card reader – so keep that in mind


  • Add Registers $39 monthly. Excludes Hardware.


  • Add Registers $39 monthly. Excludes Hardware.


  • Add Registers $39 monthly. Excludes Hardware.

Single Location. 500 Active Products. Email Only Support.

Single Location. Unlimited Products. E-commerce Integration.

Multiple Locations. Unlimited Products. E-commerce Integration.

Pricing Summary

Because of the Starter System’s limited number of products and email-only support plan, must single locations go with the Advanced System. Although $99/month is more than many of Vend’s competitors, some scale is realized as new stations are added for only $39/month.

The Multi-Outlet System appears expensive at first, but after adding registers at $39/month, the total package is very reasonable for multi-location businesses.

Let’s Talk Software Features

We’ve review the best and worst features of Vend POS

Vend’s Strongest Features

Vend’s ability to manage multiple locations is what really sets it apart from the competition. Manage inventory from all locations and transfer product between stores. If you utilize a warehouse distribution mode, Vend is a great fit to manage your enterprise.
Setup is quick and easy. Vend can run as an app on an iPad or it can run on a browser (Chrome only) on any operating system. You can download Vend on your computer and be up and running in minutes.
Vend’s inventory management offers the ability to create purchase orders based on reorder points within the software. Although a common feature among more advanced systems, many of Vend’s iPad competitors don’t offer this function.
Each inventory item can be setup to have three attributes, with unlimited variants. Inventory can be tracked separately for each variant/value. This is a strong feature for clothing stores and shoe stores.
Rewards can be earned based on dollars spent. We’d like to see a little more flexibility here, but it’s a nice feature. Vend also does a great job reporting customer contact information and sales totals. More advanced rewards programs can be added through third party integrations Collect and Perkville, which requires an additional monthly payment plan.

Vend offers more third-party integrations than any POS system we’ve seen. In general, third-party intgreations have there pros and cons. First off, you have the ability to utilize a application designed specifically for a single function – for example, Vend offers accounting integration with QuickBooks Online. Instead of adding an accounting function to Vend, the software just let’s you go with the experts. Conversely, having third-party integrations requires additional fees and forces you to use multiple software platforms, which takes away from a POS system’s ability to automate and consolidate multiple business functions.

Some of Vend’s integrations include: Deputy (employee scheduling), ecomdash (multi-channel inventory management), Stich Labs (reports), Collect (customer loyalty), and MailSync (email marketing).

Because Vend is a true cloud-based system, you can access if from anywhere with an internet connection. And if you ever lose your connection, the Vend app will continue to operate, although credit cards cannot be processed until the system is back online. Once it reconnects, it will synchronize all activities with the back office.
eCommerce integration is available for Advanced and Multi-Outlet plans. Inventory can be seamlessly managed in one location for both POS and online sales. Vend’s ability to integrate with an e-commerce site is a great feature is you’re thinking about creating an online presence sometime down the road.
Payments can be made On Account to track customer balances. The orders paid on account are automatically placed on-hold, to be retrieved and closed as normal when payment is made. You can place orders on hold by using the ‘Park’ button on the invoice screen. This feature is useful for invoices that have been started, but not yet paid.

Vend’s Worst Features

As we’ve mentioned, third-party integrations aren’t always bad, but we’d like to see the software be able to handle all these functions without requiring you to purchase and run additional applications. Be aware of this when you discuss Vend with a sales rep – they might tell you the software can do something but forget to mention it requires an expensive third-party app.
The Starter Plan only includes email support. You’ll never score points with iPOS Gurus if the merchant can’t easily get an articulate English speaking technician on the phone.
QuickBooks integration is only available with QuickBooks Online (i.e., not the desktop version). The integration only sync sales and COGS totals and doesn’t offer a detailed itemized sync.
Vend doesn’t offer gift card tracking through the system. Yes, you can process gift cards with your payment processor, but we always like the flexibility of being able to run them through your system as well.
Vend does not track employee time and attendance in the system. Instead, it requires a third-party add-on to do this function.
Discounts and price changes can be made to each item or to the grand total from the POS screen. There are no options for pre-defined discount buttons, or time-based pricing. There are no options for calendar-based pricing. There are no options for customer-specific price levels, or ‘VIP pricing’.
Many liquor stores, tobacco stores, and C-stores frequently use a case-break feature to purchase product in cases and then sell by individual unit. This is a great inventory tool to help these businesses stay organized, but Vend doesn’t offer this feature.
Vend does not integrate with scales. Scale integration is critical for many markets, groceries, delis, yogurt shops, and farmer’s markets.
Although Vend advertises itself as an option for cafes and QSRs, we don’t recommend it in those environments. Evidenced by the absence of tip tracking, Vend is a retail software.
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We’ve Got to Admit, Vend Looks Great!

We like the style – no doubt about it.

Common Hardware Bundle

Vend’s bundles come with all the basic hardware you need.

  • iPad – Starts at $399
  • Cash Drawer – $137

  • Receipt Printer – $250+

  • iPad Enclosure – $129

  • Credit Card Reader – Varies

  • Barcode Scanner – $199

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