ShopKeep vs. Vend POS

If you’re looking for an iPad POS system for your retail store, odds are you’re considering ShopKeep and Vend POS. Can’t decide? Let us help.

ShopKeep POS


Great for retail stores

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Perfect for multi-location retail

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Inventory Features

ShopKeep can track your inventory and tell you how many units you have in stock, but after that, the system doesn’t offer a lot of flexibility. Don’t get us wrong, this functionality is fine for many businesses we consult, but don’t go with ShopKeep and then expect to have complete control over how your inventory is managed within the system.

We find Vend’s inventory features to be a little more robust that ShopKeeps. Vend has the ability to send and receive purchase orders, much is a major advantage over ShopKeep to just about any merchant. Vend’s style/size matrix is also a big advantage over ShopKeep for boutiques, clothing stores, and shoe stores.

Although we don’t love third-party apps, Vend’s numerous integrations allows users to expand inventory functionality and reporting even more.

Pricing and Ease of Setup

Both applications score well on pricing and ease of setup, but we give the slight edge to ShopKeep. At $49 per month, ShopKeep is really hard to beat for a single location operating one register.

Setup is quick and easy and online tutorials answer most questions. Support is only a call away.

Even though ShopKeep gets the nod, Vend certainly scores well here. The system is super easy to get up and running and we really don’t have nay complaints.

At $99 per month, pricing can be expensive for a single location using one register, but once you start adding registers and locations, Vend scales very well.

Employee Tracking and Security

We vote ShopKeep simply because the system allows employees to track hours and attendance. It’s a simple feature, but we’re all about a point of sale that can consolidate operations and automate your business. ShopKeep can also set general employee security setting for groups of employees (e.g., clerks, managers, owners). Although we’d like to see a little more flexibility here, it gets the job done.

Vend doesn’t have a native feature to track employee time and attendance. Yes, you can use a third-party application to do this, but we always vote for built in solutions by default. Similar to ShopKeep, general security settings can be set for groups of employees.

Customer Tracking and Loyalty

ShopKeep doesn’t have the ability to run customer loyalty reward programs without purchasing a third-party application. If you’ve read any of our reviews, you already know we frown upon these extra hidden expenses.

ShopKeep does a great job however of tracking individual customers.

Vend’s built in customer loyalty tool allows merchants to setup rewards based on dollars spent. Vend also offers integrations with more advanced loyalty tools. Taken together, most merchants can find the level of sophistication they are seeking.

Advanced Point of Sale Features

ShopKeep will likely never win a contest of advanced features. That’s just not what it does well.

We like ShopKeeps restaurant functionality, which definitely makes the system more flexible, but overall, ShopKeep isn’t meant to support merchants requiring a range of custom features and toggles.

We love Vend’s multi-location capabilities and pricing structure, and this feature alone would win the category. Accounts receivable and layaway are also nice features for certain businesses. The range of third-party applications always allows more advance merchants to really scale up their system.

We’d like to see Vend add the ability to integrate with scales to open up the grocery and market niches.

And the Winner is…

You should know by now we never choose an overall winner. ShopKeep is going to work better for some merchants and Vend is working to work better for others. Call us today so we can learn about your business and help you make the best decision.