With over 16,000+ customers and counting, ShopKeep is the ideal choice for small retail businesses.

ShopKeep in 100 Words or Less…

ShopKeep is simple and easy to use. For customers just wanting to run transactions and use basic features, ShopKeep is hard to beat. From the purchase to the setup, ShopKeep does a great job of making everything easy. The software does have drawbacks however and lacks many features common in more robust point of sale systems. If you’re looking for in depth inventory management and the flexibility to customize your system, ShopKeep probably won’t be your best choice.

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What Types of Businesses Use ShopKeep

  • Specialty Retail and Boutiques
  • Clothing and Apparel Stores
  • Vapor Shops
  • Gift Shops
  • Pet Stores
  • Mobile Businesses
  • Cafes and Coffee Shops
  • Quickserve Restaurants
  • Food Trucks and Concessions

ShopKeep Pricing

  • Pricing is fairly straightforward and includes an upfront hardware purchase and then ongoing software and service fees
  • Initial hardware purchase can range from $1,200 to $2,000 per register if you include the iPad
  • Advertised pricing does not include the iPad, so keep that in mind
  • The monthly software & service fee is $49 per register or $9 per register if you decide not to use the system for a month and go ‘dormant’

ShopKeep Register

  • Per register pricing. Excludes hardware.

Let’s Talk Software Features

We’ve review the best and worst features of ShopKeep

ShopKeep’s Strongest Features

ShopKeep is incredibly easy to purchase and setup. Immediately after signing up, you’ll have access to your back office portal. Both the back office and POS application offer helpful tips and walk throughs to get started.
ShopKeep does a great job reporting customer contact information, sales totals, frequency, and social media interaction within the back office. Setting up new customers is quick and easy.
Each system comes with 24/7 technical support and service. The support is US based, and ShopKeep encourages new users to reach out and ask questions. Although ShopKeep does not offer traditional one-on-one training, their technical is friendly and helpful.
As we keep saying, ShopKeep is simple and straightforward. Because the software lacks a robust feature set, there’s just not much that can break. We found the system could easily run transactions and, assuming a strong internet connection, showed no signs of delay.
Tip tracking can be turned on, or off, depending on the business type. Suggested tip amounts can be added to the customer receipt, or shown onscreen. Tip payouts can be performed at any time from the POS.
The software will continue to operate without an internet connection, although credit cards cannot be processed until the system is back online. Once it reconnects, it will synchronize all activities with the back office.
If you don’t find using third-party vendors, ShopKeep has integrations with some of the best partners in their respective fields including Mail Chimp, QuickBooks Online, and App Card.
ShopKeep’s online back office allows users to access their information from any internet connection. The POS can easily be run on the go for any mobile application such as a convention or trade show.

ShopKeep’s Worst Features

‘Reorder Trigger’ and ‘Reorder Quantity’ can be set for each inventory item, and reports can display items below the reorder trigger point, however the system cannot currently generate purchase orders.
ShopKeep is not a good system if you are managing multiple locations and plan on transferring inventory or customer information between locations.
QuickBooks integration is only available with QuickBooks Online (i.e., not the desktop version) and costs $29 per month. This is a bit expensive in our opinion.
There is currently no option for an inventory variant matrix. This is a frequently used feature for many clothing and shoe stores to help with barcoding inventory that comes in different sizes, colors, or widths.
Although the system is great at tracking customers, ShopKeep does not have a built in loyalty tool. If you’d like for your customers to earn rewards from frequent shopping, then you’ll need to purchase an additional third-party app.
ShopKeep can’t track layaway purchase or accounts receivable.
Many liquor stores, tobacco stores, and C-stores frequently use a case-break feature to purchase product in cases and then sell by individual unit. This is a great inventory tool to help these businesses stay organized, but ShopKeep doesn’t offer this feature.
ShopKeep does not integrate with scales. Scale integration is critical component of the workflow of many markets, groceries, delis, yogurt shops, and farmer’s markets.
Limited flexibility is really a double edged sword. On one hand, striping down the feature set makes the software simple and super easy to use. You won’t get caught up in multitudes of options you don’t understand. However, if you’re looking to customize features or if your business has a unique workflow, then don’t expect ShopKeep to be able to adapt to your needs.
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We’ve Got to Admit, ShopKeep is One Slick Looking POS!

It just looks cool. Plain and simple.

Common Hardware Bundle

ShopKeep’s bundles come with all the basic hardware you need.

  • iPad – Starts at $399
  • Cash Drawer – $112
  • Receipt Printer – $299 or $399
  • iPad Enclosure – $149
  • Credit Card Reader – $249
  • Barcode Scanner – $359
  • Kitchen Printer – $349

Our Final Verdict on ShopKeep

  • You’re looking for a simple, easy to use POS software to help you run transactions and organize your inventory
  • You’re a retail store that doesn’t require more advanced inventory features such as case-break or style matrix
  • You want a sleek and modern looking POS system that makes a statement when customers check out
  • Because you’re constantly training employees, you need a system that’s easy to learn
  • You want to track customers and their purchase history and then market to them from a third-party app like Mail Chimp

  • You need more advanced inventory management features to give you a better handle on what you have in stock
  • You are a full service restaurant or bar – yes ShopKeep will work, but we don’t recommend it
  • You need the ability to toggle between lots of options and customize your POS system
  • You need multi-site management to oversee multiple stores
  • You’re looking to integrate your website with your POS system and management everything under one roof
  • You use scales in your business like ones commonly found in groceries, markets, delis, and frozen yogurt shops

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