Clover POS

Clover blends proprietary Android-based hardware with software sold through a monthly subscription.

Clover in 100 Words or Less…

Clover POS can work great for many merchants, but the biggest downsides are related to the payment processing agreement behind the scenes which can lock the merchant into unwanted fees, and the additional cost for add-on software features. Merchants should ignore the fact that Clover is backed by many banks because these banks are far from impartial and make a lot of money on each system they sell. Under the right circumstances, Clover has the potential to be a great system, but each merchant should do their homework, read everything before signing on the dotted line, and know what software features they require so they can calculate the true monthly costs of the system.

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What Types of Businesses Use Clover POS

  • Specialty Retail and Boutiques
  • Simple Retail Stores
  • Vape Shops
  • Gift Shops
  • Small Retailers
  • Ice Cream Shops
  • Cafes and Coffee Shops
  • Quickserve Restaurants
  • Concession Stands

Clover POS Pricing

  • Pricing is tricky and includes the upfront hardware purchase and then ongoing software and service fees, which can vary depending on the different features you seek
  • Initial hardware purchase starts at $999, but can increase with the addition of specialized peripheral equipment
  • Advertised pricing does not extra apps or programs to add seemingly simple features such as full inventory control
  • The monthly software & service fee starts at $49 per register

Clover Register

  • Per register pricing. Excludes upfront hardware cost starting at $999.

Let’s Talk Software Features

We’ve review the best and worst features of Clover

Clover’s Strongest Features

Clover is one of the cleanest looking POS systems on the market. With its modern ergonomic design, Clover offers a unique look and feel.
The Clover system’s touchscreen can pivot on its stand to become a customer-facing display allowing customers to sign receipts right on the touchscreen.
Although the basic Clover package isn’t necessarily feature rich, the core components of the POS system are straightforward and easy to use.
This one is a double edged sword which we address in the Worst Features section as well, but the Clover market offers numerous add-on apps.
When the touchscreen swivels on its stand to face the customer, tips can be easily added by customers to their order.
If you’re strapped for cash, Clover offers a low upfront pricing model.
Having the ability to track employee hours in your POS eliminates the need for another software or system and helps reduce clutter.
Clover is fully capable of accepting EMV cards.

Clovers’s Worst Features

Clover is owned by payments giant First Data, which means all payment processing must go through – you guessed it – First Data.
The basic software package is limited to rudimentary inventory features and lacks some of the standard functions we’ve seen in other systems.
The standard package does not include purchase orders, reorder points, or automatic pricing. These core features are included in many POS systems we’ve reviewed, but not Clover.
As we’ve mentioned, the standard feature set can be greatly enhanced through third-party apps, but these cost money. For example, Stock, one of the most popular inventory features, adds $19.99 to your monthly bill.
The built in barcode scanner uses a camera (similar to your smart phone) to scan barcodes. This makes scanning very slow compared to traditional scanners.
Clover only offers one level of item management and doesn’t allow for drill downs or sub-categories. This can really clutter your touchscreen or limit your reporting flexibility.
Unlike most POS systems, Clover’s hardware is proprietary to the software. This seems fine, but if you ever decide to switch systems, then you won’t be able to reuse any of the hardware.
If you’ve read our other reviews, you’ll know that we never like being locked in to anything. Clover unfortunately is about as iron clad as a POS system comes. On top of having to process payments with First Data, Clover won’t even let you switch processing plans to another First Data ISO or partner. With no ability to switch, the chance of hidden and unnecessary fees increases.
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We’ve Got to Admit, Clover Looks Sharp!

The clean, modern and ergonomic design looks great.

Common Hardware Bundle

Clover’s bundles come with all the basic hardware you need.

  • Android Tablet and Stand – Bundle starts at $999
  • Cash Drawer
  • Receipt Printer
  • Built in Scanner
  • Built in MSR
  • External Card Reader – Additional Cost
  • Other Equipment – Additional Cost

Our Final Verdict on Clover POS

  • You’re looking for a sleek and modern looking POS system to enhance the look and feel of your business
  • You operate primarily in a touchscreen environment (instead of using a barcode scanner), and you don’t require drill downs on the touchscreen
  • You don’t really need sophisticated inventory control
  • You’re looking for an easy-to-use system that won’t break the bank
  • You like the idea of having additional apps available through an open source market place

  • You need more advanced inventory management features such as purchase orders, reorder points, etc.
  • You want to process payments with anyone other than the First Data ISO selling you the system
  • You want to avoid ongoing monthly fees
  • Your checkout process involves scanning large quantities of products
  • You need drill down menu items or reporting based on sub-categories

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